Our own beauty director’s 28 most liked make-up items ever : The Occasions

“Sarah, choose your favourite make-up associated with all period. ” For some that’s easy. “I quite want this. Oooh yes, We love that! ” But for me it is like selecting a favourite child. (Can you tell which i don’t have got children yet? )

A significant part of my job is to try, check, review plus generally put products by means of the wringer. I’ve witnessed every situation: make-up getting endless hype and yet one street test on my face and its particular credibility crumbles to zilch mainly because the sexual stamina just is not good enough. Indeed, with 12 years’ experience in the elegance business — including sorting through the particular gimmicks just for my weekly Style column and suggesting the best products to the country on This Morning — I understand very okay about

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