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Still if your day-to-day summer season makeup will be minimal, the occasional full-glam possibilities don’t cease just due to the fact the temperatures heats up. “If you need a full face associated with makeup, using setting aerosol in layers can really help to preserve your lifestyle, ” Patinkin says.  

She indicates using the light spritz between every step. After you apply your own foundation, give your face an apply. Then, after you placed on bronzer, blush, and highlighter, spray again. After your eyes plus lips are usually done, Patinkin says a little final spray will assist everything stick.  

In the event that you typically love this particular method (it does deliver a dewier finish), you are able to spritz establishing spray onto your beauty cloth or sponge and pat it to the skin in between products instead.   And if you’re in the market for a trusty beauty blender to assist you perfect these summer makeup appears, look zero further than these antibacterial, eco-friendly sponges from Patinkin’s own range.  

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